The gallery is open 12-5 from Wednesday - Sunday. There are also live in gallery events that are free for all to attend.

7th October

14.00   Introduction to Project Radio - Sophie Mallett & Marion Harrison (Live in Gallery)

14.45   Behind the Scenes at the Art Gallery - Together Woman

15.10   Olivia Glasser In Conversation with Marion Harrison

16.00   Little Birds and a Demon - Grace Schwindt

16.45   The Waterline Prophecy - Luiza Crosman

17.30   Pavilion Art Walk starts in Gallery.

8th October

14.00   Live Drop in - Sophie Mallett & Marion Harrison w/ Rob Kilner, Chris Madden & East St Arts (Live in Gallery)

14.30   Quality, Jenny Moore

15.10   Pavilion Art Walk w/ Sophie Mallett  

15.30   Pleasure Telephone, Pavilion (in conversation with Grace Schwindt)  (Live in Gallery)

16.00   Send me your Money, Ahmet Ögüt

16.15   Positive Interference , Alex Mackay

16.45   The Waterline Prophecy, Luiza Crosman

9th October

14.00   Opening Curtains Part 1, Nick Thurston with Paul Buck (Live in Gallery)

15.00   Primitive Propositions, Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock  

16.00   Radio Duets, Harold Offeh (Live in Gallery)

17.00   The Waterline Prophecy, Luiza Crosman

17.05   Project Radio Opening, Sonic Blind Dates w/ Sophie Mallett (Live in Gallery)

10th October

10.00 - 16.00 Free Radio Making Workshop, Sophie Mallett (Workshop in gallery)

14.00   Jubilee Debt Campaign, Jonathan Stevenson w/ Sophie Mallett

14.30   Opening Curtains Part 2, Nick Thurston with Paul Buck

15.30   From The Air, Acoustic Mirror

16.00   Call Me When You're Ready to Talk Episode 1, Jenny Moore

16.15   re-ro.tate Part 1, Ed Martin

16.35   re-ro.tate Part 2, Ed Martin

16.55   The Waterline Prophecy, Luiza Crosman

11th October

12.00 - 18.00 Free Workshop Dial Stories, Chris Wood (Workshop in Gallery)

14.00   The Pub and the People, Lloyd&Wilson

15.00   Dial Stories with Chris Wood (Live in Gallery)

15.20   Happiness, Jenny Moore

16.45   The Waterline Prophecy, Luiza Crosman