The gallery is open 12-5 from Wednesday - Sunday. There are also live in gallery events that are free for all to attend.

21st October

10.00 - 16.00 Broadcasting the Barricades, Marion Harrison Free Workshop in gallery

14.00   Stream, Antoine Bertin & Mark Peter Wright

14.30   Finding Money, Antonio Contador & Carla Cruz

15.30   Hesitation, Deviation, Repetition, Rene McBrearty

15.45   F= Radio Feminist Broadcast, F=

16.45   The Waterline Prophecy, Luiza Crosman

22nd October

Broadcasting the Barricades, Marion Harrison Residency in gallery

14.00   Getaway Girls w/ Studio 12 & Marion Harrison

14.30   Kusikiliza : A Sonic Postcard from Tanzania, Robbie Judkins

15.30   British Art Show 8 w/ Together Women, Studio 12

16.00   Nomadic Space Part 2, Blanca Regina

16.45   The Waterline Prophecy,, Luiza Crosman

23rd October

Live Audio Archive, Soundcamp Residency in gallery

14.00   Live Drop In w/ Claire Nadal, sounCamp & Sophie Mallett (Live in Gallery)

14.30   Transmission, Skye Shadowlight with Andy Buclaw & Marion harrison

15.00   East Street Arts, Broadcast Bartender

15.40   A..hotel, Leo Plumb

16.00   Call Me When You're Ready to Talk Episode 4, Jenny Moore

16.15   Dial Stories with Chris Wood

16.35   Mary Ositelu in Conversation

16.45   The Waterline Prophecy,, Luiza Crosman

24th October

Live Audio Archive, Soundcamp Residency in gallery

11.00   Live Audio Archive, Soundcamp (Live in Gallery)

14.00   Fabricating the Social (Why are Networking Events Rubbish?) Broadcast Bartender, Lloyd & Wilson

15.00   Chronophobia, SPUR (Live in Gallery)

16.00   Live Audio Archive, Soundcamp (Live in Gallery)

16.44   The Waterline Prophecy, Luiza Crosman

18:00   No Borders Leeds Monthly Social

25th October

14.00   They Call us Maids – a Domestic Workers’ Story, Pavilion & J4DW

14.30   Lights Out Listening Group (Live in Gallery)

15.30   So Close Yet so Far, YTBN (Live in Gallery)

16.30   Close of Project Radio (Live in Gallery)

16.45   The Waterline Prophecy, Luiza Crosman